If you’re looking forward to RiME on the PlayStation 4, you might want to pay attention.

The PlayStation Blog put some effort into dissecting the Gamescom 2014 trailer (which you see above) with help from developer Tequila Works. You can read a lot more at the source link below, but we went ahead and selected a few of our favorite tidbits and their corresponding time marks.

Climbing high (0.44)

RiME Trailer PlayStaititon 4 - 1

“This is an open world, and you’ll need to move around the island with a lot of physical actions. But this isn’t a flat island – you’ll need to climb and swim, even if the area looks empty… it’s not.”

Molluscs and water (0.50)

RiME Trailer PlayStaititon 4 - 2

“Water isn’t only there to look nice – it’ll have gameplay elements to it – below the surface there will be a lot to explore. Underwater doesn’t mean you’re always looking for air. We have no underwater temple, it’ll be fun – don’t worry!”

Here piggy, piggy (0.57)

Pig Running GIF

“Earlier you saw the seagulls trying to show you something important. If you look closely here you can see that this pig is not alone. Whilst the female boar and piglets are running away but the papa boar in the background is running towards you. You are a trespasser here. Seagulls can be annoying and boars can be funny, but finding a boar can also bring in an element of danger.”

Lots of climbing? Yep. Sea creatures and dangers? Cool. Wild life that responds (sometimes poorly) to your presence? Very cool.

RiME looks like a lot more than just a simple exploration game, and it’s one that we’re super excited to play once it hits the PlayStation 4. This trailer examination only furthered those feelings.

RiME is set to drop on the PS4… well, we don’t know. We’ll have more on the game, including a tentative release date, as it comes.