I'm still not entirely sure what The Tomorrow Children is about, but based on what I've seen, I'm still calling it The People's Republic of Minecraft. Whether that ends up being right on or not remains to be seen, but this trailer, released by developer Q-Games, has me more excited than ever for this odd little game.

There does seem to be a lot of mining and crafting in the game, and it all plays into this Soviet Union-themed dystopian style.

The visuals are what are really on display here, though. While there's no mistaking any of this for emulating a real world, it all feels like it could be happening on a tabletop. The different buildings and characters all look like they came from the same board game.

Once monsters die, though, they appear to turn into minerals, leaving you to mine what looks like quartz and granite. The texture work on these minerals is gorgeous.

This weird creation from Q-Games, who have previously worked mostly with 2D stuff – remember the PixelJunk games? – could end up being one of the visual standouts in the PlayStation 4's upcoming library.