The Tomorrow Children - Xmas Card

Q-Games, most famously known for their PixelJunk line of PlayStation offerings, has been hard at work at The Tomorrow Children. This strange affair seems to blend building, exploration, tower defense and strategy in one weird, odd, dystopian flavor.

Today we have three new videos for you, courtesy of Q-Games on the PlayStation Blog. They each feature alpha gameplay as that's the current state of the title.

First up, we have the act of defending the town. There are giant monsters, folks.

Next we'll see some of the asynchronous multiplayer that works in The Tomorrow Children. It's an odd system, but basically players only appear in your world as projected clones. Weird, right?

Finally, this one's called "Alpha Test Imagineering." I'll leave it to Q-Games' post on the PlayStation Blog to explain the point.

Making each town "Your Town" is one of the most exciting things about The Tomorrow Children. We were excited to see everything that the players created in the alpha with only the small sample of the tools that were available for the test. I think the video speaks volumes about the crazy stuff people created, so give it a look!

The Tomorrow Children still has no concise release date. It is bound for the PlayStation 4, though. We'll have more on the game as it comes.