tiny SKEYE Nano Drone

To be without a drone is to be without brilliant fun — so the pocketable SKEYE Nano is the perfect aerial companion. You can grab this impressive little flyer from TechnoBuffalo Deals for $39.99 shipped.

Despite being under an inch square, the Nano has full six-axis gyroscopic stabilization. This makes it stable in the breeze, and there are three levels of sensitivity for the controls. While beginners can head for the most forgiving setting, veteran pilots can send the Nano tumbling through stunts with the smallest of movements. The matte black finish of this limited edition version gives the drone a stealthy look, but LED lights keep it visible after dark. On a full charge (with the supplied USB cable), you get a flight time of around 7-8 minutes, and there are four extra rotor blades in the box in case of over-exuberant maneuvers.

The deal wipes 42% off the regular price for the SKEYE Nano, with free international shipping thrown in.