With a mere five days under our belt, the TechnoBuffalo Minecraft server has enjoyed a heck of a first week. 24 hours a day there are people on the server mining and building their little hearts out, and if you haven’t been there yet, you absolutely have to swing by to even just check out some of the amazing things being built.

First up is the spawn area.  You first enter the world in the Spawn Lodge, and as soon as you come out the door you are greeted by the enermous TechnoBuffalo logo.  Seeing the logo in person is worth the price of admission alone.  (Which is free, but you get the idea.)

TechnoBuffalo Minecraft spawn at night

This next image is just a little portion of the town … well, really, I think city would be more appropriate.  There are paved and wooden streets, alleys, public mines, a bank, heck, someone even built a church complete with pews.  (which is near the building you see towards the back that is on fire, oddly enough.)

TechnoBuffalo Minecraft town

Don’t you hate that first night on the server where you don’t have any supplies yet, and the spiders and zombies are sure to find you?  Why not stay at The Fabulous Buffalo shown here in the center of the picture?  Yes, we even have a hotel.

TechnoBuffalo Minecraft hotel

Did I mention this server has only been going for five days?  Yeah, we have an industrious group on our hands.  This is only a taste of what they have built, but never fear, there are wide areas of unexplored land still to be had, and the server seems to have iron ore everywhere you turn.

The multiplayer IP address: Minecraft.TechnoBuffalo.com

And don’t forget these:
The rules:

1) No griefing.
2) No cheating.
3) No stealing.
4) No flaming. 5) No floating trees.

Won’t you join us for some mining and crafting?