You might see my name pop up from time to time on TechnoBuffalo, but I'm not often in our videos and spend most of my days working on the text side of things. I'm a writer and I came to CES 2013 to bring you the written news of the show. You, as our readers, don't get to hear much about my take on the show floor as much because I'm not standing in front of the camera. My smile isn't as pretty as Jon, Aaron or WaffleJon's. But I want to give you a quick look at what it's like from my angle, as I sit here in the office in the North Hall.

We meet as a team for breakfast at about 8a.m. That's when I'll grab a sausage egg and cheese (I'm not the healthiest of writers), a large iced coffee and sit down and talk with the rest of the crew about the previous day's coverage and our plans for the current day. I'll check our traffic trends and see what you're all interested in reading more about, and we'll try to figure out what we can do to serve you better.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were the busiest days for the mobile department, even if you've read other articles on other sites saying there wasn't much mobile news at the show. The fact is, there's a ton. You can tell just by looking at our homepage and our YouTube channel. NVIDIA unveiled Tegra 4 and an Android gaming device (Shield), Sony unveiled its Xperia Z and ZL, and there were devices from ZTE, Polaroid and other companies with lesser known names. I also had a chance to check out the latest build of BlackBerry 10, which really impressed me. And we can't forget about the new mobile interactions that we'll see with TVs from Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

I'll typically go into a meeting with questions about the products that each company unveils, hopefully questions that you want to see answered on the site. Meetings typically last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and the press conferences were about 45-minutes each. NVIDIA's went on for two hours.

The funny thing is, I suppose, is that I really dislike crowds. That might be surprising since I need to sit in them for the press conferences and walk through them on the show floor. You'll usually find me near an exit in a crowded press conference. It's one of those weird writer quirks, I guess.

One of the more difficult things about attending a show is that, as a writer, it can be hard to just sit down and "write." There's a mode I need to get into, but over the years I've found that mode hits me more and more frequently. I try to get up and walk around, grab a coffee, and talk with the crew to brainstorm topics and opinions. Jon never tells me to "sit down and write." That's just not how our company, let alone the mobile department, works.

We have an incredible team here at TechnoBuffalo. Sean, Roy, Brandon, Ralph, Aaron, Jon Quach and Jon Rettinger are all at the show. Joey and Adriana are covering it remotely. Brandon and Aaron are both part of the mobile department. Brandon mostly focuses on the written text, so we work together on stories and editing and bouncing ideas off of one another. Aaron, you probably know, recently joined us from PhoneDog. I've known him for years and we've always had great chemistry together, so it's fantastic to finally work so closely with him.

I've covered CES for several publications, but none have been as tight knit as the team that's currently sharing the office with me. When we decide to hit the show floor or find a product, we'll gather and figure out who is going to shoot video, who is going to write, who is going to speak in the video. It's all a team effort, even if it's often just one author on an article or one face on a screen. Then we'll come back to our office, edit the video, write the posts, publish to social networks. Rinse and repeat.

Tonight we'll have a team dinner and reflect on the show. We've delivered hundreds of posts (I think) and dozens of videos. It's tiring work, but CES is always an amazing time. Every year there's new technology, even if it's technology that slowly trickles down to affordable prices over the span of a few years.

Anyway, it's time to get back to writing a fresh opinion. You'll see it in a few hours, probably, and it'll be a collection of thoughts from all of us. Even if there is just one name at the top of this article.