Christmas is coming early for all you children of the 90s. Entertainment Weekly reports Nickelodeon is planning to introduce something called The Splat!, which is described as a programming block that will feature shows such as Rugrats, Doug, CatDog, Rocket Power, Hey, Arnold! and Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

The network has been teasing The Splat! for the past several weeks now, with a not so subtle montage video hitting YouTube over the weekend; it’s about the most nostalgic thing I’ve ever seen. In it, some of Nickelodeon’s most beloved animated shows are featured, along with a hashtag that implies the programming block’s launch is imminent.

Entertainment Weekly claims The Splat! is being planned for an October launch, though details beyond that are still unclear. Earlier this month, Nickelodeon teased it was exploring ways to bring these shows back, which led many to believe reboots were on the way. However, it looks like Nickelodeon has instead opted to air the original shows as they existed in the 90s.

While I’m beyond excited to hear shows like Doug and Rocko’s Modern Life could be headed back to TV, I wonder what Nickelodeon has planned for some of its other popular shows, such as Salute Your Shorts, Hey Dude! and The Adventures of Pete & Pete. If those are included in The Splat! as well, I think us 90s kids will have a nostalgic overdose.