The Simpsons has famously thrown up a number of hilarious parodies over the years, my favorite being Lisa's visit to the Mapple Store where there is a special announcement from Mapple founder Steve Mobs. The cartoon's latest target is Rovio's multimillion dollar Angry Birds franchise.

In an upcoming episode, Bart, Lisa, and Homer visit E4, the Expensive Electronic Entertainment Expo (obviously inspired by E3), where an audience spectates a game of "Furious Fliers." The music is all too familiar, as are the birds, which destroy an unbuilt children's hospital before crashing into a box of TNT.

It's only a 13-second clip, but it is rather humorous. Despite all the success that Rovio has enjoyed with the Angry Birds game on a number of platforms, its plush toys, and even an upcoming movie, I bet it isn't until your parodied on The Simpsons that you realize you really have made it.

If you haven't seen the Mapple Store clips before, check them out below — they're fantastic!

What do you think of Furious Fliers?

[via The Next Web]