We're still a little skeptical about the TMNT reboot coming out on Aug. 8. The turtles still look a little weird to us—oddly alien, if you ask me—and the film appears to be taking more of a mature, action-y direction compared to the movies that came out in the 90s. That's not a bad thing; we just hope it retains some of the charm, which is a huge part of the franchise overall.

After seeing this second trailer, the movie certainly looks entertaining, but there are so many little things I'm unsure of. The voices, for example, don't seem to fit. And if this movie is going to feature a soundtrack full of dubstep SO HELP ME. Maybe I'm to used to the cartoon and movie voices. I'm sure I'll get used to them.

Also: who is William Fichtner's character talking to when he says, "We're taking your armor to the next level."? Some mysteriously tall shadowy figure. Is Fichtner not Shredder? All this time we've figured that's who he'll play, and it even says as much on IMDB. Perhaps that's just the armor's designer he's talking to; we're not really sure at this point, but he does look pretty frightening. On that note: The Shredder armor looks awesome and extremely dangerous, so we're a little worried for the turtles' well-being.

So many questions, and only a little over a month until this hits theaters on Aug. 8.