The premise of Rampage is simple: Players take control of mutant monsters and reduce cities to rubble. That's it.

Now take that premise and translate it into a Hollywood movie. To up the ante even more, thrown in The Rock.

The popular 80s video game is reportedly being adapted into a live-action movie, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the star tipped to bring this project to life. Considering The Rock epitomizes popcorn flicks—e.g. San Andreas—it's no surprise to see his name attached to such an ambitious and beloved project.

New Line is apparently looking to begin production on Rampage as soon as next summer, which means we could be in for a 2017 release. No director is attached, though a writer, Ryan Engle, has allegedly already signed on.

Considering how straightforward the premise of Rampage is, there's a lot of opportunity to build a world around these city-destroying monsters. Whether it's The Rock vs. Lizzie, George and Ralph remains to be seen. My guess is the three mutants will be no match for The Rock's bulging biceps, in which case maybe it'll be the monsters who will try and save humanity from The Rock. Plot twist.