If Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets his way, we could see an epic Thor-Fast and Furious crossover that would break all the rules of logic.

The idea sprung from a segment on his competition show The Titan Games. He was holding a hammer when he began to muse about the power that it gives and now he knows why his buddy Chris Hemsworth, also known as Thor, likes to wield the hammer.

“I got an idea guys,” The Rock said. “How about we make a Thor and Fast and Furious movie. Where the God of Thunder, Thor himself, he comes flying in and then wham! He gets stopped by the real God of Thunder. Box office gold. #ThorHitsTheFloor.”

Now, we know the movie is never going to be made. Luke Hobbs may be a man made purely of muscle and has a knack for making the impossible happen, but even we know he stands no chance against Thor, who’d take him out right away without much of a fight.

Don’t tell that to The Rock who is running with the idea. He returned to the subject on Twitter by saying he’s going to call Marvel president Kevin Feige to make it happen. We don’t believe Feige will say yes to the project—again, you have to take plausibility into account—but if there’s a chance he did, we’d be first in line to watch it.