When RED announced its first ever smartphone, the Hydrogen One, the company promised it would be available last summer. Over a year later, the phone has still not seen the light of day and its latest expected release date was delayed yet again. On the positive side, RED did announce a new release date that it hopes to stick to.

In a forum post, RED CEO Jim Jannard announced that the Hydrogen One would not hit is summer release date as promised, but would instead be released in the fall. Preorders will ship on October 9, while the smartphone will launch through carriers—Verizon, AT&T and Telcel in Mexico—on November 2.

The first model to ship will be the black aluminum and the titanium will launch at a later date, possibly in 2019.

It has been quite a mess for RED in its mission to jump into the smartphone market. Due to constant delays, the original processor announced with the phone was the Snapdragon 835, which is now severely outdated for a new phone. It’s unclear if RED has updated the processor in the ensuing year-long delay, but with phones already coming out with the Snapdragon 845, we certainly hope so, lest it come with a processor that is over a year old.