Rambo GIF

Here’s a link to a game built entirely for fans of 80s flicks. It’s called Rambo: Last Blood, and it made my day.

It’s a small Flash game made by Peter Javidpour, a game designer at Naughty Dog. The whole thing took, maybe, five minutes for me to “beat.” I was giggling the entire time.

Between the Ghost reference, the Robocop poster and Rambo’s final chance to get into Valhalla with shirtless hugs, I found myself dying. “Is this thing for real?,” I kept asking myself.

It was. Totally.

This game has apparently been around for a while, but a recent link out from Kotaku got folks talking again. I personally caught it on Twitter in a note from Hello Games, the studio behind Joe Danger and the upcoming No Man’s Sky.

So, children of the 80s, play this game and be wooed. It’s ridiculous.