That’s what Jon Bernthal aims to do when Daredevil returns to Netflix next year. The actor on Thursday tweeted out a photo in front of an entire arsenal of guns, suggesting The Punisher will be very active during season 2. The character is known to go to extreme lengths when serving up vigilante justice, so it will be very interesting to see how his approach clashes with Daredevil’s, who refuses to kill.

According to some anonymous reports, much of the second season will focus on Daredevil vs. The Punisher, though there will no doubt be a greater threat in play. It’s unclear if the photo Bernthal tweeted out is of The Punisher’s own arsenal, or if it’s just a prop house he’s visiting to get acquainted with the tools he’ll be using during the show.

I wonder how Daredevil will respond when he comes across the army of guns The Punisher owns.

We’ve seen some early shots from the set of season 2, and Marvel has actively been teasing the new Daredevil costume, which looks like it’ll feature more black. Now we’re getting a look into the violent world of The Punisher, who is willing to go to any lengths necessary to serve out justice.