The PlayStation Network will no longer be the PlayStation Network in less than 24 hours. Today, Sony announced that they will be rebranding their gaming network service as the Sony Entertainment Network. They spread the word to PSN users by way of email.

Here is a bit of the email sent around to alert PlayStation Network users of the impending change:

On February 7, 2012, Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (“SNEI”) will update its Terms of Service and User Agreement and its Privacy Policy. As a part of this update, your “PlayStation®Network account” will be renamed a “Sony Entertainment Network account…”

This move is all about simplicity in brand unification. By tying their similar products and services together under one single banner like the Sony Entertainment Network, Sony has effectively erased the lines between gaming on the PlayStation 3 and buying content on, say, their music service. It all happens under the same name and on the same platform.

Here’s Sony again, from the same email, as they explain the new name:

This transition is based on Sony’s goal to enhance its unique digital entertainment offering. As a series of these activities Sony started last September, PlayStation Network will be aligned with “Sony Entertainment Network.” This helps us get closer to our goal of establishing a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account.

The Sony Entertainment Network account also enables use of Sony’s compelling non-game services such as Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited and PlayMemories Online (currently called Personal Space) across a variety of network-connected devices.

The transition will happen on February 7th (tomorrow). When you boot up your PlayStation 3, you’ll be asked to accept a new agreement and then the changes will go into effect.

What do you think of the change in branding? To play devil’s advocate, do you think it was a move to wash away any lingering negativity after the attacks on the PlayStation Network?