Those who frequently travel with their mobile devices will be all too familiar with dead batteries and frantic searches for power outlets in a bid to charge them up again. But a Powerbag will finally eradicate your low battery warnings for good.

This magnificent lineup of rucksacks, messenger bags, and briefcases all feature a built-in charging system that will ensure your devices are always juiced up while you're traveling. It'll charge up to four devices simultaneously and offers connectors for Apple's iOS devices, micro USB devices, and mini USB devices; plus an on-board USB port to plug other gadgets into.

The charging system can be removed from the bag and plugged straight into the wall with the included AC adapter, and Powerbag promises that one charge will double the battery life of the average smartphone battery — ensuring you don't have to worry about your devices dying halfway through your day.

What's most impressive is that some Powerbags offer built-in voice features that will tell you which of your devices are currently charging, and when they're done charging. It's no wonder this thing won a CES 2012 innovation award this year.

The Powerbag lineup consists of four different backpacks, three different messenger bags, and three different suitcases — many of which come if a variety of colors. There are three different battery options to choose from — including 3,000 mAh, 6,000 mAh, and 9,000 mAh — with prices starting from just $139.99. You can order them now from the Powerbag website.

A Powerbag looks like the ultimate accessory for those on the go who are constantly worried about eating up all their battery life before their day is over. And actually, we're surprised we've seen nothing like this before. It just seems so obvious.

Will you be purchasing a Powerbag?

[via App Advice]