The Polyphonic Spree has released a new music video for its song “Bullseye” in the form of an interactive iOS application. The app plays the song, and then lets you interact with the narrative music video in a Choose Your Own Adventure kind of way. “Play through an expansive and changing world as You-Me, a small creature striving to find his way in the world. Bring plants and creatures to life in a video where you see, hear, and touch the world around you.”

Music videos don’t get nearly the same amount of attention today as they did 10 years ago. Artists who want to continue to make videos for their tunes have to come up with increasingly interesting ways to engage their audiences – an app is certainly a way to do that. The application is also being sold at $2 a pop, which should help the group recoup the cost of making it as well as hopefully make a bit of a profit as well.

Have any of you given the app a look? What do you think?