PSN HackedThe PlayStation Network is reportedly up for game developers. This news marks a point on the road to full recovery as Sony has clearly built up the service's capabilities enough to bring it even slightly online.

The rumor started when a NeoGAF post indicated that several developers had claimed that they had access to a limited version of the PSN. Giant Bomb spoke with their own sources and confirmed the rumors. The PlayStation Network is up, but not without its issues and limitations. Sony is still building its service back up to its former state.

According to the developers that spoke with Giant Bomb, the PlayStation Network is limited for use only to recover old accounts; that means that devs can't make any new profiles to test games with. The issue, as Giant Bomb explains, is that developers make a ton of dummy accounts with completely bogus information. Unless these teams had taken the time to write down the details of each profile as they created them, they're now unable to recover all of them.

Developers have a partially reconstructed PSN available to them; it's just too bad they still can't create the multiple dummy accounts needed to test and develop the games they're working on.

Giant Bomb reports that developers looking to get back onto the PlayStation Network had to download a new firmware update for their PlayStation 3s.

Sony has not provided an official update on the status of their network recovery in several days. The last news that we've posted regarding the expected rebirth of the PlayStation Network points towards May 31st. That's roughly two weeks away, and the date would mark more than a month's worth of network downtime. However, it's clear that the company is hard at work rebuilding their online service.

As more news comes concerning the PSN, we'll be all over it.

[via Giant Bomb]