Remember how Microsoft closed a bit of the gap between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by unlocking another core for developers to use with their games? Two can play at that game, says Sony.

In a recent update to the software development kit used to make PlayStation 4 games, developers now can access the 7th core of the system’s 8-core processor.

Like the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 has an 8-core processor provided by AMD. At launch, both systems reserved two cores for background processing, but both have now lowered that to a single core and opened the other up for use in games.

The PlayStation 4 already had some serious performance advantages over the Xbox One from the beginning. The two processors are all but identical, but the PlayStation 4 has a much more powerful graphics chip and faster RAM, meaning that with few exceptions, PlayStation 4 games have looked and played just a tiny bit smoother. Or, in some cases, much smoother.

We’ll start seeing the difference in games, at the soonest, next fall, in all likelihood, and it’s not going to be a revelation. But it is going to make a difference and should help Sony push the gap between the systems that much wider.