Sony of Japan has elected to drop the price of the PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 is doing really well around the world. It’s selling like crazy in North America and Europe. In its home country of Japan, though? The PS4 is simply doing okay.

That’s not necessary Sony’s fault specifically. Japan, as a country, has gradually shifted away from home consoles and, to an extent, portable consoles towards the mobile gaming scene. The PlayStation 4 currently sits at roughly 1.7 million units sold. It moves around 15,000 units a week, though that number fluctuates depending on the gaming release landscape.

That’s probably partially why Japan is seeing a price cut for the PlayStation 4. Starting on October 1, 2015, Japanese retailers will cut the price of the console from 39,980 yen to 34,980 yen. That’s roughly $330 USD down to $290. That’s a nice drop for the system.

For comparison, the PlayStation 4 sells, typically with a game, for around $399.99 here in the States. It moves well at that price point, so I don’t see Sony dropping the cost of the console any time soon. This one is likely for Japan only for a while.