Google’s Call Screen feature will soon be getting way more useful with saved transcripts.

The Call Screen feature Google introduced for the Pixel 3, and very soon the Pixel 2, is one of those features you don’t realize is good until you actually try it. It’s pretty great having the ability to let Google Assistant take a call, especially with the rise of spam. What’s most impressive is you can see a real-time transcript of the conversation.

About the only downside is that once the call is over, there is no way to see what the conversation was about even though the phone took a transcript. That’s apparently changing later this year, according to Google. Google’s Paul Dunlop confirmed the news in a Google support forum.

“The transcript for the screen portion of the call will be automatically saved in your Call Log once the call has ended,” said Dunlop. “You will be able to access it via the Call Details section of an individual call log item. This will be available to our public beta testers first and then all Pixel 3 users later this year.”

The new function isn’t overly exciting, but it will prove to be useful in case you ever need to go back and see exactly what Google Assistant told a particular caller.