The Perfect Guy trailer 1

The first weekend of the fall film season was a quiet one to be sure, but it appears things will kick back into high next weekend.

1. The Perfect Guy

The Perfect Guy, who clearly isn’t from the trailer, took the top spot this weekend with $26.7M off of a $12M budget. By Hollywood math that means it just barely cleared the break even point, but it did and now everything should, in theory, be profit. With some big titles releasing next weekend, however, don’t expect it to hold on to this spot.

2. The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan is back and it seems the director may have found a niche with lower budget films. The Visit was made for just $5M and had a modest promotional burst, so the $25.69M it took in this weekend should have put it in to profit. But with the twist now floating out there – yes… there is a twist – we’ll have to see how it holds up down the road.

3. War Room

War Room‘s word of mouth marketing won it two weekends, and despite falling to third this week it still did well with $7.4M. It now stands at $39.18M off of a mere $3M budget.

4. A Walk in the Woods

The new Robert Redford/Nick Nolte comedy, A Walk in the Woods, slipped to fourth place this week, but only fell 44 percent in the process which is good in Hollywood numbers. It took in $4.62M and now sits at $19.87M off of an $8M budget.

5. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Rounding out the top five was Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, the fifth installment in the series. In what is probably its last weekend in the top five, the film took in $4.15M and now stands at $188.17M in the U.S. and $517.47M globally off of a $150M budget.