While I won’t be spoiling any character reveals for you in this post, I will spoil exactly how to unlock the very last character in Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a dead easy path, but there are spoilers ahead.

You won’t have to meet special conditions or clear specific parts of the game in order to unlock all of the characters in Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 3DS (and later, we assume, on the Wii U), just time and victories in the challenger bouts. EventHubs has it from Japanese SmaSoku that you’ll only need to play 120 matches in Smash in order to get the full roster.

I won’t reveal the unlocks here, though you can see that at EventHubs linked below; but, I will say that you’ll see a new character every 10 matches.

Compare this unlock speed to needing to play 450 in Brawl and 1,000 in Melee, and you’ll see why 120 seems… paltry.

Personally, I miss the days of characters being locked behind intricate walls of play. I’d much rather have a very specific demand, like beating three Captain Falcons using the bat as Pikachu, in order to unlock unique characters. That’s just me.

What about you? Do you enjoy the easy path for convenience, or would you rather have it tough?

Super Smash Bros. hits the 3DS on Oct. 3. The Wii U version is still set for this holiday.

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