It's been years since a Palm device hit the market, but the fallen brand may make a comeback next year thanks to an unexpected backer. A place-holder website titled My New Palm promises something is "coming soon," and it looks like Alcatel One Touch may be to thank.

There's no clear confirmation of who is behind the mysterious new website, but a few clues point to the TCL-owned phone-maker. First, the "Smart Move" logo has been associated with Alcatel One Touch since 2013. Palm-focused blog MakeaPalm also notes that TCL Communication's senior vice president Nicolas Zibell signed a document earlier this year transferring ownership of the Palm brand from HP to a new company called Wide Progress Global Limited.

All signs would suggest that Alcatel One Touch is planning to bring back the Palm brand, and with CES 2015 just around the corner that may be the perfect time to confirm the rumors or maybe even reveal a new device. The real question is whether Palm will run a version of its old webOS (highly unlikely since it's currently owned by LG), or rely on another operating system like Android or Firefox. Either way, we may not have to wait much longer to find out.