Ready at Dawn has been pretty quiet about The Order: 1886 since its E3 2013 debut. We've seen a few images here and there, but little in the way of motion. With this new trailer, The Order reminds us that it's still on the way and that it still looks incredible.

The original trailer set a high bar that everyone assumed was a result of pre-rendering – just like that Killzone 2 trailer that debuted alongside the PlayStation 3 so many years ago; more of a goal than a reality. This new trailer looks just as good and is coming out alongside coverage of a preview event last week.

The tone of the coverage is largely that of awe; apparently, the game is hitting the benchmark it established, and as-yet-unreleased gameplay footage looks that good, with just enough imperfection to remind the viewer that it is, in fact, real time.

We're hoping to see some gameplay footage soon. The Order is scheduled for release this year on the PlayStation 4, though there's no word yet on when.