Apple_iPhone_5_Samsung_Galaxy_S_III_2The dissolving relationship between Apple and Samsung may not just mean a few less screens or chips. For Samsung, severing ties could potentially affect entire factory construction plans, according to a new report. DigiTimes isn't always the most reliable source, but "industry sources" say plans for a new $3.7 billion to $5.5 billion facility may be delayed.

Samsung is allegedly looking to to get the ball rolling in early 2014, but lost Apple chip orders may make it more difficult for the Korean company to get things off the ground. The alleged facility would be used to make mobile CPUs based on advanced 20-nanometer and 14-nanometer processes.

With tensions increasing between the two companies, an eventual complete break between the two is sounding more likely by the day. Apple is rumored to be running off to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. for Apple SoCs late next year, so we'll see just how big of an impact the loss has on Samsung. It likely won't alter Samsung's longterm plans too much, but it certainly makes matters more complicated.

[via AppleInsider]