Memorial Day weekend is finally here. It’s always an exciting time for me. I pack up the car with my fishing poles, roll the windows down, turn up some Bruce Springsteen and hit the beach for the weekend. It’s also a weekend I try to take advantage of some of the more rugged gadgets I have, since it’s finally starting to get warm enough to get in the water (up to my knees, if it’s colder).

In the past, I’ve used Memorial Day weekend to test out various rugged iPhone cases, the Galaxy S5 and more. This year I’m planning to hit the beach with the HTC RE camera. Sure, we’ve already tested it, but it costs a lot less than the GoPro and was basically designed for this sort of outing. It’s not perfect, and I’ll probably walk around the BBQ with a nicer camera, but the design is perfect for on-the-go photos. Here’s a sample:

I don’t think it will hold up well in the salt water, so I don’t plan to go swimming with it, but it should be a solid option to grab pictures while I’m fishing in my waders, while I’m digging into some crab at a restaurant and while I’m snapping fisheye photos of my puppy running along the beach.

Here’s to hoping the weather is nice and the water is warm enough for some swimming. We here at TechnoBuffalo hope you all have a happy and enjoyable holiday.

Have a gadget you’ll be using this weekend? Let us know about it!