There’s a new Officer D.Va skin for Overwatch that can currently only be earned by playing Heroes of the Storm and completing a few specific tasks. It’s fairly easy, you can read about how to do it right here.

Well, on the Overwatch side, Officer D.Va’s mech makes siren sounds when she boosts. Here, from Reddit, is a quick video of this in action.

*Intensely heavy sigh* I need this skin. I really don’t want to play Heroes of the Storm. It’s not that I think it’s a bad game (I’ve actually heard from plenty that it’s quite good), but I just don’t have to patience or personality for MOBAs. I suppose that’s the point of skins like these. They’re so good because Blizzard wants to get players like me trying other products.

The good news here is that, eventually, Blizzard will include the Officer D.Va (and the Oni Genji) skin in loot boxes.