Companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, despite being huge, are still in the business of making games. The people building the systems we play games on have to have some kind of a sense of fun. That has lead, over the years, to some cool secrets hidden on game hardware. The latest comes courtesy the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

As a Redditor recently discovered, if you pull the right analog stick on the controller all the way down and squint a bit, the analog stick has a message printed underneath: “thnx2 allgamefans!

It’s a bit tough to find. Kotaku‘s reporter needed a flashlight to find it, but it’s definitely there.

Secrets are everywhere!

This is by no means Nintendo’s first Easter egg, nor are they the only ones doing it. The Switch has a few goofy sounds depending on how you unlock the system. The GameCube had multiple secrets to uncover in its menus. The Nintendo64, of course, let you pull on Mario’s face.

Microsoft hid an adorable Master Chief inside the Xbox One S for repair people and modders to find. Sony plays things a little more serious – the screws inside the PlayStation hardware feature the system’s trademark shapes.

There are definitely more out there, and it’s fun to see console makers remembering that these are systems designed for play as they build them.