In what I would like to call a pure convenience feature, the Nintendo Switch now offers users the option to save their credit card information for a quicker checkout process. I know what you’re thinking… “They didn’t have this already?”

They didn’t. The eShop will get better over time, like the recent Best Sellers addition that Nintendo made ahead of this credit card stuff. It’s all about making it easier for consumers to make purchases, so of course this would come.

The update was noticed by Nintendo Everything, and they offered this screenshot of the process.

What if you want your Nintendo Switch a bit more secure?

If you have young ones in your home and are afraid of them making purchases without your consent, you can set up a password to use the saved credit card info. That’s a little faster than having to dig out your card and punch in all those numbers once again.

It’s small tweaks like these that will slowly make the Nintendo Switch an even better place to play. As far as the eShop goes, I personally miss the background music that we had on the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Wii and DS. Why is that missing!?