Famitsu is reporting that the Nintendo 3DS has enjoyed a nice surge in sales in the company’s homeland since the machine dropped in price from ¥25,000 to ¥15,000. As the graph above indicates, the August 11th price dip pushed the 3DS to perform as well as it did back in February of this year in Japan.

In the first week since the system’s dip in price, the Nintendo 3DS sold roughly 215,000 units.

While it’s obvious that the system would enjoy an increase in sales after such a large price cut, the fact that the performance rated as the second strongest week since the hardware’s initial launch is fantastic news for Nintendo. A similar performance is likely expected in other regions like Europe and North America, but those figures aren’t in just yet. Famitsu’s stats come from “Enterbrain” (エンターブレイン, I’m assuming a combination of Entertainment and Brain…).

The PS Vita will be releasing in Japan during the 2011 holiday season, so Nintendo may not enjoy a constant stream of success like what we’re reporting here. However, the PS Vita will not release in the rest of the world until 2012, so if Nintendo performs well now, the price cut may actually drive the hardware to fantastic numbers by the time 2011 closes.

That competition for Nintendo in Japan, and subsequent non-competition in the rest of the world, from Sony’s PS Vita was the subject of a recent editorial concerning the golden opportunity Sony is passing on.

As it stands now in Japan, the new price of the Nintendo 3DS has pushed the unit’s sales past the 1.5 million mark.

[via Famitsu]