This isn’t the first time companies have tried to hide Beats from the public eye, and it sure won’t be the last. In a new partnership with Bose, the NFL has officially banned league players and coaches from wearing the popular headphones around TV cameras. That’s funny, especially considering the commercial San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, was involved with last year.

With control over 61-percent of the high-end headphone market ($100 and up), Beats has become the go-to brand for athletes, celebrities and musicians. That’s unlikely to change, either; Apple purchased Beats by Dre earlier this year, giving the popular brand even more marketing muscle. This ban doesn’t outright restrict players from using Beats products, though they can’t be seen wearing them on TV, including interviews before and after the game (up to 90 minutes after the game has ended).

At this year’s World Cup, Sony pulled a similar move preventing players from donning Beats products during media briefings and on match days. This ban, of course, extends to other luxury headphone brands, which means it’ll be a Bose-only affair this season.

The news is huge for Bose, which allegedly accounts for about 22-percent of the headphone market. In the U.S., Football is the most watched sport, so the mindshare alone for Bose is a big deal. Whether it’s enough to convert viewers (and athletes) remains to be seen.