Mass Effect

Multiplayer was quite a gamble for BioWare in Mass Effect 3. General attitude towards any multiplayer at the time was that it was a shoehorned waste of resources that detracted from the single player campaign, and most fans blasted it before they even had a chance to try it.

However, BioWare changed the book a little on multiplayer by finding a tangential way for it to interact with the game's single player mode, proving its critics totally wrong. Yes, same here. Guilty as charged. I see now, thanks to BioWare, that multiplayer and single player do have the ability to coexist if you put enough thought into them.

With Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer taking off as well, naturally this means that the new incoming Mass Effect is going to have multiplayer too, yeah? Developer Chris Wynn all but officially confirms the new multiplayer mode on his Twitter account.

How about it? Would you like it if the new Mass Effect employed an entirely new style of multiplayer to match the direction the series has taken, or would you prefer a similar style of wave battles that incorporates elements from the single player campaign?

Furthermore, would you like to continue paying real-world money to unlock more of those boxes? I don't think we've seen the end of that just yet.