"Why would Joey use the Battlefield 4 debut gameplay video posted yesterday for a story about Dragon Age and Mass Effect?" you're clearly asking yourselves.

Well, have no fear, friends! I totally remembered to take my meds this morning.

The Battlefield 4 debut gameplay video features live motion from the upcoming game. The upcoming game is being developed using the Frostbite 3 engine, Battlefield 3 was built on Frostbite 2.

The news today, which comes from BioWare Edmonton and Montreal GM Aaryn Flynn on Twitter, is that both Dragon Age 3 and the next Mass Effect will be built on Frostbite 3. Here's the exact tweet:

For everyone who's been asking after the #BF4 reveal, #DA3 and the next Mass Effect are also using Frostbite 3. It's awesome [sic]

So, I used the Battlefield 4 video in order to demonstrate the kinds of effects we might see in both Dragon Age 3 and Mass Effect: Whatever. See? It all comes back to making sense.

Commander Shepard - Dat Face

What do you folks think of the power of Frostbite 3?