As a console’s lifecycle progresses, its manufacturer improves the building process, optimizes the hardware configuration, and passes the benefits onto the consumer. Sony has released an updated PlayStation 4 – in Japan, at least – that shows some notable improvements to the original.

It should be noted right off the bat that this is not the model we have coming along with the 1TB hard drive, which is the same as the original PlayStation 4 save for the increased storage.

The revision, known as the CUH-1200, though, has some pretty substantial improvements. A smaller motherboard sports 8 double-density memory units, half of the previous 16. A simpler blu-ray drive and a lighter power-supply are hiding under the hood, as well. This results in a PlayStation 4 that weighs about 80 grams less – about the weight of the ubiquitous Nokia 1100, the classic indestructible cellphone.

The double-density memory and most likely some optimizations to the board and processor have brought power consumption down significantly. Standby on the CUH-1200 can be anywhere from 30 to 50 percent lower, while the system under gameplay has shaved off about 26 watts for an 18 percent improvement – bringing it down to the same level as the Xbox One, as noted by Eurogamer‘s Digital Foundry.

The system is quite a bit quieter as well, thanks to all those changes. There isn’t as much to keep cool, and the average noise level has dropped from 57dB to 52dB – with 60dB being considered a normal conversation volume and 50 something like a quiet room. In other words, a bit more substantial than the simple math might suggest, thanks to the non-linear scale of decibels.

There’s no word on when this version will make it stateside currently, but a lighter, quieter system might be reason enough to wait until this fall’s game rush to see if the new model comes along then.