New iPad and iPad 2 The new iPad's biggest competitor is the iPad 2. (Who will sue who first?) According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), sales numbers between February and April of 2012 shows that the two came out almost even, with the new iPad edging out ever so slightly. Not everyone needs a Retina display and A5X chip it seems.

Since launching in March, Apple's current-gen iPad has accounted for 59 percent of total iPad sales, while the cheaper iPad 2 accounted for 41 percent. "The lower price of the iPad 2 seems to be attracting many new buyers, and bringing thriftier customers into the fold," CIRP partner Josh Lowitz told AllThingsD.

Apple's move to target budget-conscious consumers looks to have paid off, not only in attracting new business, but taking attention off devices like the Kindle Fire, which was billed as the iPad's biggest competition. In fact, data from IDC suggests Fire shipments dropped from 4.8 million during Q4 2011 to less than 750,000 units last quarter.

Whether the Fire's swift decline correlates directly with the iPad 2's price drop and introduction of the new iPad — which currently has 68 percent of the tablet market — is anyone's guess. You can certainly make the argument.

[via AllThingsD]