When the new iPad Pro was announced, I had no intention of purchasing one, simply because I don't have $799 (or the money needed for a keyboard case and the new Apple Pencil). But after seeing one in person, I'm seriously reconsidering. Maybe I can afford it, I keep telling myself, knowing full well I can't.

It's a back and forth I don't typical do when new gadgets are released. I rarely desire new products so badly that I feel the urge to impulsively buy one. Usually, my decisions are more calculated and planned, but with the new iPad Pro, I've nearly purchased one on a few different occasions. It's sitting there in my cart as we speak.

Which is unusual, because I've never been a huge fan of Apple's iPad line. (I don't think they're bad; I just don't think me buying one makes sense.) I purchased an iPad Air ages ago and immediately returned it, mainly because the product felt more like a luxury, not a necessity.

My opinion of the iPad hasn't changed much since then, but I'm slowly coming around, and it's all thanks to the new iPad Pro's design. Compared to previous years, Apple's latest tablet looks more like a laptop than ever, with hard edges that are flat and industrial, like a MacBook Pro was folded onto itself.

Like the iPhone XR, the iPad Pro features an LCD display with rounded corners that stretch close to the edge, making older iPad models look clunky and out of date. Everything about the new iPad Pro is clean and precise, perfectly engineered with a level of quality we rarely see in the tablet world.

The most surprising thing is how compact the design feels. The 11-inch model is the same size as the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, while the 12.9-inch model is no bigger than a sheet of paper. Although the bezels don't quite extend to the very edge, you hardly notice they're there. I actually like that there is something to hang onto when holding the device.

Completing the design is the lack of a TouchID sensor. Instead, Apple included a TrueDepth camera for Face ID, which works in both horizontal and portrait orientations. The device also comes with all of the iPad Pro's best features, including ProMotion technology, stereo speakers, and more. Navigation gestures are also present, making the new iPad Pro feel like the future more than ever.

Out of every product I've used in 2018, the new iPad Pro blows everything else out of the water in terms of fit and finish. Even the new Apple Pencil is nice.

I wouldn't dream of dropping $799 on an iPad Pro when I already have an iPhone X and a MacBook Pro, but I'm seriously tempted.