Financial analysts at Deutsche Bank have released an estimate that only 100,000 Motorola Xoom tablets have sold in the first 40 days of release. While many are saying this qualifies it as a “flop”, perhaps we are dealing with a skewed scale.

Seeing as Motorola has not released any official sales figures for the Xoom, Deutsche Bank decided to get creative and try to figure out how many of the new tablet have sold in the first 40 days of release.  Using the Android Developer Statistics chart, it shows that in the two weeks leading up to April 1st, .2% of the Android devices accessing the Android Market were running Honeycomb.  The way this can translate into something close to an estimate of sales for the Xoom is it is the only device currently for sale running Android 3.0.

Android Developers

Many pundits are coming out with headlines decrying this only somewhat scientific estimate as evidence of the Xoom being a flop.  While true the original iPad sold 300,000 units in its first weekend back in April 2010, a 100,000 units in a month for any other product is not exactly a number to sneeze at.  We have to remember that the tablet market barely existed prior to last year, and people are still figuring out exactly what purpose the devices serve in their life.  You can’t expect every single item released to have the gargantuan sales that an Apple product in the same category has.

Motorola Xoom tabletThere is also the fact, much to Motorola’s determent, that the Xoom is not yet fully formed.  While the original version currently works on 3G, to get the 4G aspect working you will have to be without your tablet for six days while you send it off to be activated. Many people have said they are waiting for the day they can just walk in and pick one up with the feature already turned on.  Also, the microSD slot is not yet working, but will be turned on in a future firmware update.  Those buying the Xoom currently are very much in the role of early adopters.

These estimated numbers also only accounts for about four days of sales for the Xoom Wi-Fi version, so it’s hard to say how many of those had even connected to the Market by April 1st.  Considering the broader push in retail stores that version is getting, there is a good chance that the numbers will grow rapidly.

And finally, there is also a bit of information that a lot of people seem to be glossing over.  Deutsche Bank, the same people that reported the 100,000 unit sales, had estimated Motorola would sell 50,000 in the first quarter and 150,000 in the second quarter, so these numbers are actually ahead of the predictions.

While we are sure that Motorola would love have higher sales, and they very well might be as we lack an official statement, calling the Xoom a “flop” seems a tad bit harsh to us at this stage.

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