TorrentFreak compiled a list of five of the most pirated games for the PC, Xbox 360 and Wii. The most popular games slide from obvious to a little odd (like, Mario Sports Mix?).

TorrentFreak did explain why other platforms were omitted. Here it is, verbatim, from their post:

The platforms that are not mentioned, such as the PS3, get considerably less downloads and are excluded for that reason.

Here are the top five pirated games for each of the included platforms:

1. Crysis 2     (3,920,000)
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3     (3,650,000)
3. Battlefield 3     (3,510,000)
4. FIFA 12     (3,390,000) 5. Portal 2     (3,240,000)

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2     (1,280,000)
2. Mario Sports Mix     (1,090,000)
3. Xenoblade Chronicles     (950,000)
4. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean     (870,000) 5. FIFA 12     (860,000)

Xbox 360
1. Gears of War 3     (890,000)
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3     (830,000)
3. Battlefield 3     (760,000)
4. Forza Motorsport 4     (720,000) 5. Kinect Sports: Season Two     (690,000)

If there's one thing I'll never get behind, it's the pirating of material like this. Snagging an illegal, free version of a game does nothing but keep money away from publishers and developers. While this list represents, essentially, the best games for each platform, smaller and independent games certainly fall victim to the same type of distribution.

By pirating a game like Minecraft, you're literally keeping money away from individual, hardworking people who love the industry.

I also don't necessarily understand the logic behind pirating as a means of demoing a title. Yes, it's lame that developers don't release demos for every game, however, when you use a torrent you also play a part in the distribution of said file. You may be looking to demo a game, but you may also be helping someone else avoid paying altogether.

The only title in the list that I can really look at and think, "Yeah, that makes sense," is Xenoblade Chronicles. Nintendo announced that they wouldn't be bringing it to the States a while back. Gamers wanted to play the game; they could either import it or pirate it. Piracy as a way to protest makes sense to me. But pirating readily available games that companies work to make easy to find has always been a head-scratcher from where I stand.

What do you think about the world of piracy as it relates to gaming? Is it something you tend to avoid, or are you the type that regularly partakes?

[via TorrentFreak]