It’s safe to say Nintendo’s Pokémon GO is a bonafide hit (even if it is leading to some very unfortunate situations). The latest mobile phenomenon has already overtaken Tinder’s daily active users and it’s even stealthily found a way to get people to exercise. The only problem? The game sucks your battery dry. Even devices that typically last a few days, such as the iPhone 6s Plus, can barely make it a few hours with the game running full steam.

If you don’t already, now’s the perfect time to pick up an external battery. We’ve listed a few below to get you started; after, of course, you get acquainted with how to actually play. No matter which one you choose, your phone’s battery will thank you.

I already own an Anker PowerCore 10000, so I was well-prepared for the Pokémon GO apocalypse. Anker’s gear is universally beloved by buyers, and I haven’t run into a single issue with the unit I own; the battery has already rescued me from a few dire situations. The model I have is capable of charging an iPhone 6s more than three times; a Galaxy S7 three times; and even an iPad mini once. But it’s not the only good battery on the market; Amazon is full of them.

Speaking of Amazon, the company has its own lineup of tech products, too, including portable batteries up to 16,100 mAh. That’s a lot of extra battery for just $29 and means your adventures around town won’t be cut short. With phones getting thinner and thinner, you should own a portable battery already. It may not be something you use regularly, but they do come in handy when you least expect it; Pokémon GO is the perfect example.

Of course, know that most of the portable batteries listed below also require a separate cable to charge, so bear that in mind. The EasyAcc 6000, however, has a built-in micro USB cable, so that might be a good option if you don’t want to carry around a bunch of gear.

Also, many of the companies listed below also offer battery cases, but there are so many different smartphones nowadays that the list would be far too long to include all of them. If you own an iPhone, Anker offers a few great options, while Mophie has an extensive list of battery cases for a number of different devices, including the Galaxy S7.

For more battery recommendations check out the list below.


Anker PowerCore 20000 ($39.99)

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Anker PowerCore 13000 ($25.99)

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AmazonBasics 16100 ($29.99)

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EasyAcc 6000 ($19.99)

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Aukey mini 5000 ($9.99)

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Aukey 10000 ($19.00)

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RAVPower Extreme 26800 ($49.99)

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