Right after we hear about Olive, the first feature film shot on a smartphone, the mobislyder barrels through the door. Mobislyder is being touted as the “world’s first portable dolly designed specifically for smartphones and compact cameras.” According to the press release:

With more than 200,000 videos uploaded to YouTube, and in excess of 1 billion views, every day the demand for good quality user generated content on the web is booming, especially among companies getting to grips with the value of video.

Entrepreneur Alastair Brown founded Glidetrack back in 2008 for advanced cinematic camera systems, but has recently opened the doors for amateur video makers with the mobislyder. The device features a slide rail, articulated mount, mobile device mount, 1/4-inch standard mount, ball mount and 1/4-inch ball mount. Mobislyder will be able to accommodate any type of mobile phone as well as point-and-shoot cameras, and smaller DSLRs. I’m betting it can do compact camcorders too. From the looks of its promo video, the mobislyder appears to be one heck of a tool for serious budget filmmakers.

The mobislyder is available for preorder now and will retail for around $135USD leading up to Christmas. After Christmas, the mobislyder will ascend to around $175USD, so order now for a killer deal if you’re looking for a portable dolly system for your feature-length smartphone-shot Oscar winner.

Check out the video below for a better look at the mobislyder.