It's a brave new world for television as cancellation is no longer the death sentence it once was for a show. The Mindy Project is moving to Hulu.

Fox cancelled The Mindy Project after three seasons this month, but thanks to the growing world of TV streaming options, there are new homes just waiting for content. As soon as the cancellation order came down talk started circulating that Hulu would pick up the series, and that came to be true on Friday.

Hulu has ordered a full fourth season of 26 episodes of The Mindy Project. The deal doesn't stop there, however. While no subsequent seasons have been ordered as of yet, Hulu did make it clear in its announcement that it has the option to order more after season 4 begins airing.

"Mindy has been a beloved member of the Hulu family, so this deal is a natural extension of our relationship," said Craig Erwich, Senior Vice President and Head of Content, Hulu. "With so many of her fans already catching up and tuning in to the series on Hulu, we know her millions of fans will be eager to find out what Mindy has in store for the next chapter." Series star Mindy Kaling added, "I am thrilled The Mindy Project has found a new home on Hulu, where so many of our fans are already watching the show. It's such an exciting place to be."

No premiere date has been announced for season 4 of The Mindy Project yet. While it was not addressed specifically, it also seems doubtful that all 26 episodes will launch at once for binge watching. Our money is on there being released weekly just as they would be on traditional television.

Take note network television, there are streaming TV services ready to pick up and run with shows that you feel have run their course. You may want to take that into consideration in the future when you decide a show has run its course.