Ridley Scott (AlienBladerunnerPrometheus) is bringing a new hard science fiction flick to the big screen. This time around, it’s The Martian, a self-published story written by Andy Weir.

The story focuses on Astronaut Mark Watney finding himself stranded on the surface of Mars. He’s left in a shelter meant to last 31 days, and the trailer highlights that Watley’s going to need to make it last at least four years.

Good luck. As the trailer’s tag reads, “Help is only 140 million miles away.”

It’s not just the fact that Scott’s name is attached to this project that has us so excited. The source material was extremely well received, and its Casting Director managed to assemble an exceptional roster of talent. Matt Damon gets top billing, sure, but folks like Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Donald Glover, Kristen Wiig and Sean Bean push it over the top. The Martian will be star-studded.

Ridley Scott also has the rights for another self-published sci-fi story that I’m hoping makes it to cinema soon. That story is Wool by Hugh Howey, and I’ll be beside myself if it gets the same treatment as The Martian.

The Martian is slated to hit theaters in November 25, 2015.