Monument Valley is the wonderful, artsy, puzzle game for mobile that was developed by ustwo, a two person team. It's sold a ton and won a bunch of awards for its art style and quality.

Well, ustwo are working on something else. They've called it a spiritual cosuin to Monument Valley, though it won't be a mobile game in the same sense as the original.

The game is called Land's End, and it's a virtual reality experience. You can see a trailer for it at the head of this post.

The catch? It's only going to be available for a very small and specific pool of potential players. Land's End, at least at launch, requires users to have a Samsung Galaxy S6 with a Gear VR headset. This game isn't being made for anyone else just yet.

Still, it looks cool, and I highly suggest the tiny sliver of potential customers out there give it a crack. Monument Valley is a wonderful little game, and I imagine Land's End will carry that same spirit into virtual reality. That sounds fantastic to me.