The Loyal Subjects are continuing to be a dominant force in the blond box collecting category, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.

Touring the company’s Toy Fair 2018 booth there was something for nearly everyone. Unfortunately, one of the most interesting properties – Game of Thrones – was off limits to photography as the figures are still in the approval process, but from what we could see they should de definite hits with fans.

What we could show you, however, is a ton of fun. Starting off with the upcoming Aliens and Predator releases, you will find numerous color variations, facial expressions and accessories.

Also, the employees brought some of their own collections to display in shot glass displays which make for a fun showpiece.

One of the newest properties for the company is a Warner Brothers horror series that will see characters such as Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees haunting you in miniature form.

This will also be the first series where the company tries something new for them by including a build-a-figure component. The Regan will be a normal release, but she separates at the waist. You will then find in some boxes one of four pieces to building her bed. Once you find all the pieces you can attach her torso to it to make it look like she’s sitting there during the exorcism.

Meanwhile, over in the WWE license (we promise, there is a connection), The Loyal Subjects want to release a ring for the figures, and from the way it was designed it is clear the company considered a build-a-figure concept, but there was an issue: The ropes are too long and can’t be done in two pieces.

Never fear, however, there are currently plans in the work to find another way to release the ring.

And, finally, we just walk around the booth and see the upcoming Nicktoons products, and some other items currently on the market.

As we said, you would have a difficult time not finding something that appeals to you or someone you know.

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