Pixable, a social photo startup released an infographic this morning detailing the life of a Facebook photo.

So, what's Pixable? The company offers an assortment of features "centered around photo search, aggregation, editing, and photo-product creation. Initially, Pixable allowed users to create and print photo books using the photos that they and their friends have stored on Facebook. Since then, the company has grown to create other photo products such as mosaics, digital videos, and various Facebook applications. The latest development in the line-up is Pixable Photofeed, the company's free application that offers a unique, customized view of photos by sorting them into fun categories, and displaying them in an attractive, full size format."

The Infographic shows you the chain of events that are likely to happen from when you take a picture to when it shows up on Facebook.

What do you think? Is this what happens to pictures you put on Facebook?

[via TechCrunch]