LG recently unveiled its latest flagship, the G6, with big design updates over the G5. It features an all-glass design and a stunning 18:9 display. It’s a sweet phone, but is it durable? The answer is a resounding yes.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything got his hands on a G6 and put it through a durability test. He started testing out the Gorilla Glass 3 display using a Mohs picks. The display went all the way up to level six before it began to scratch.

The LG logo on the front of the display is also printed underneath the glass, which means it won’t fade over time.

After testing the front, he moved on to testing the back. He used a razor blade to see if the plastic home button scratches—it does—but he tested the fingerprint scanner afterwards and it still worked fine. The back features a glass panel that’s made of Gorilla Glass 5 and the smaller piece that covers the camera is made of Gorilla Glass 4, both of which featured similar durability to the front panel.

JerryRigEverything also tried flame testing the display and confirmed that around six seconds the pixels began to turn off.

The final test was the bend test, and it passed with flying colors. The metal frame holds really tightly, with barely any flex. Before the test, JerryRigEverything notes that LG tucked the back glass panel underneath the metal frame. This contributed to its rigid design.

The G6 will hold up well

The LG G6 will hold up very well over time. Aside from shattering the display, which is something that’s possible with any device, you won’t run into any issues. The glass on the front and back should stave off scratches and the metal frame provides a sturdy build to prevent any bending accidents. LG did a great job in building the G6.

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