The Lego Batman Movie is already shaping up to be a huge hit and with Michael Cera and Zach Galifianakis onboard, you know it’s going to be incredibly funny, too. Now, just as Comic-Con gets underway, photos of their characters—Cera is Robin and Galifianakis is Joker—have been released. In addition to the new images, USA Today also reveals a few details about the upcoming flick.

In the movie, the Joker becomes upset with Batman after the Dark Knight says the Clown Prince of Crime isn’t on his level. Batman’s remarks apparently send “Joker into a spiral trying to prove to Batman that he is indeed the greatest enemy,” USA Today revealed.

If that wasn’t wacky enough, USA Today says Batman winds up adopting Robin (the Dick Grayson version) at a charity auction. Soon after, Robin stumbles across Batman’s closet of costumes and takes a liking to Reggae Man, which features a sparkly cape and giant green glasses.

“Robin is a super-positive kid who always sees the glass as half full,” director Chris McKay said. “Really, at the end of the day, he just wants a hug.”

Based on the shenanigans seen in the movie’s first teaser, The Lego Batman Movie could go on to be one of 2017’s funniest films when it hits theaters on Feb. 10.