Sure, The Lego Movie had a warm message and it was incredibly inventive. But perhaps the best part was Will Arnett’s sardonic take on the Dark Knight, who managed to be both annoyingly suave and completely aloof. It’s why he’s getting his own spinoff movie, the first images of which you can see above.

To be fair, these pictures look like any old schmo put together a fantasy Lego set and lit it up all pretty, but, according to USA Today, these are stills from the new movie. They show Batman in his fancy lair, complete with replacement cowls and suits for Batman’s different moods: Raging Bat, Glam Bat, and Current Bat, just to name a few.

The film has a pretty stellar voice cast and if it’s anything like The Lego Movie, you know it’s going to be funny. Check out the full gallery above and stay tuned for the movie’s first trailer, which drops Wednesday, March 23.