Is it just me, or do the words “level” and “The Legend of Zelda” just not go together? “Dungeons,” sure, but “levels?” The very concept of segmented action sequences goes against the rules that separate open-world adventures from typical action outings.

However, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a different beast from the rest of the franchise, focusing more on the social interaction of multiplayer puzzles rather than the grand scale of Hyrule. Nintendo is taking the smart route towards its design, shunning the colossal task of creating a co-op experience in a vast open-world and focusing more on what we traditionally think of as “levels.”

No different from Contra and Mega Man.

Nintendo has the details on the size of this game, claiming that the whole quest will be 32 levels long. In addition to these main challenges, it will also sport a Boss Rush mode and a “daily luck game.” These pile on top of the previously announced PVP modes, meaning you’ll be getting a whole lot for your buck in this 1GB download.

Not everyone is down with the idea of this multiplayer Legend of Zelda game, but it’s on my radar to check out at least. Maybe I’ll give it a spin when it launches on Oct. 23 for the Nintendo 3DS, and I’ll be the one to change your mind.

Now, I just need some people to play it with…